It has been wonderful observing how our Little Gumnuts enjoy playing in the wild and natural spaces of the beautiful Yanchep Park, whether it’s turning a log into a bus, using it as a balance beam, feeling it or studying the bugs crawling on it.  

What is it about wild spaces that brings learning alive?

In natural outdoor play, children are inclined to push their own boundaries and take risks – “can I walk on this, climb over, crawl under or jump off?  ” Children’s confidence, imagination and motor skills are stimulated by all these activities.    Unlike regular playgrounds, nature is ever-changing and resources are scattered around  - sticks, leaves, mud, stones and unlike a plastic toy, these resources have no predetermined function, they can be moved, arranged, taken apart and used to create in a variety of ways.

Outdoor play and the ample space offer children the opportunities to engage with nature and choose their own play and follow their interests in their own way and are therefore more likely to be more engaged in their play 

At our January Holiday Program, we read a story about ‘Stick Man’, the children spent time creating a stick man, they also built fairy huts,  whittled and sawed sticks using our kiddi tools.  They were proud of their creations and they had no idea they were learning!