Lee-Anne Groenewegen

Lee-Anne is the owner and founder of Little Gumnuts Nature Programs. She is an Early childhood teacher with 30 years teaching experience in Primary and Early Childhood. She is passionate about nature and nature play and believes that it is vital for children to have a connection to nature. It is rewarding to watch children engage with nature as they join to build dams, create a cubby, get dirty and play with mud, leaves and twigs. We couldn’t ask for a better classroom than our natural environment! We look forward to being part of children’s nature experiences and encouraging them to build their self-awareness and experience peace and calm in nature.

Qualifications – BEd Primary Education, Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood, Masters in Early Childhood and Leadership, Cert IV in Mentoring and Coaching and a Diploma in Holistic Counselling.






Our vision

Little Gumnuts aims to transform children’s lives through playful learning and reconnect them with nature and the planet.


Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • provide a nurturing environment where children learn through meaningful play.
  • reconnect children with the natural world.
  • cultivate a love and respect for each other, nature and the planet.
  • build positive attitudes towards sustainable values.
  • inspire creativity, curiosity and imagination.
  • develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.


Our Values

At Little Gumnuts, we live by the following values:

  • Education - encouraging children to learn naturally through meaningful play
  • Uniqueness of each child - we identify and create learning opportunities to meet individuals needs.
  • Creativity and imagination - allow children’s natural expression
  • Environment -  create a safe, nurturing space for children to thrive.