Jumping in puddles, getting dirty, teaching and learning with the ‘Little Gumnuts makes my heart sing.

I have 15 years teaching experience in Primary and Early Childhood. When I first started exploring the benefits of play-based learning and in particular nature play, I felt inspired to start a program that introduced young children to nature and encouraged their growth and development in a natural and fun setting.

The program has been running since February 2014 and each day when I stand, observe and interact with the children, I am in awe when I see how much they are learning and growing from their experiences in nature. I have seen the Little Gumnuts share with each other, build dams, drive a ‘bus’ together and sometimes I see them sitting by themselves under a tree, playing in the dirt with leaves and twigs or . In our busy, stimulating world the stillness and peace is good for the children and their parents who join them on their bush adventures!

I have a Cert IV in Mentoring and Coaching from the Global Coaching Academy based in Perth, WA. The course has taught me how to hold a loving, non-judgmental and sacred space for myself and others’ around me

I am following a path of personal transformation, I value personal growth and would love to be able to share more love with the world and build a connection with nature for myself, my family, the ‘Gumnuts’ and their families that are part of this very special program.

I read a very apt quote by Richard Louv (Last Child in the Woods - saving our children from nature deficit disorder)
“Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and therefore, for learning and creativity.“